The Four Pillars



We’re already at work with the world’s most creative behavioral science minds trying to improve the residential management model. By testing industry practices with rigorous scientific methods, we intend to identify opportunities that will lead to more efficient buildings with happier, healthier tenants. If we can do that, we’ll all move up together.


The buildings around us affect our physical and mental health. Design affects how we form community. The research is clear: community and socialization are key to success. Designing housing that facilities more personal interaction fosters social trust, which means safer environments. Good design equals good results.


Cooling, heating, and water heating account for the largest energy expenses in homes and commercial buildings. Luckily, energy efficiency is neither complicated nor does it require fancy or expensive technology. Energy efficiency lowers energy costs and carbon footprints. It saves money is a win for the planet.


The tenant-landlord dynamic is as old as humans. It’s time to change it. Landlords overseas are already implementing exciting new programs to create greater tenant well-being and opportunity that also improve the bottom line. Innovative technology can help create new efficiencies and provide better communication.

Our Research Shows


Nearly 39 million US households live in housing they cannot afford. The shrinking supply of low-cost rentals, along with potential losses of subsidized units and declines in the value of tax credits, could widen the already substantial gap between the demand for and supply of affordable housing. Meanwhile, the retrenchment in federal funding has put increased pressure on state and local governments to address the housing needs of the most vulnerable individuals. The aging of the US population adds to the nation’s challenges by driving up demand for housing that is both accessible and affordable. (source: Harvard JCHS).

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